Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silk Naturals Rocker Look

So I used the Silk Naturals BE Rocker Clone kit today and I am a bit up in the air about it. I plan on going to Sephora and checking out the BE 1980's eye color to see if it is close to the SN Slick color. I watched a few vids of looks people made with this kit and I had a hard time making mine look anything like theirs because I don't think the color is the same. But anyway, here is the look I made:

Slick all over the lid. Rebel in the outer corner and Blackheart lined all the way around my eye.

Natural Light
SN Rocker4

SN Rocker1

I can never take really good pics, I need to figure my camera out for better pics. But I am going to keep experimenting and seeing what I can do with these colors. They are all gorgeous although I had a hard time using Rebel. It would spread and just look dirty on me rather then smokey. Slick is a good neutral color to go with anything and Blackheart is nice but a little difficult to work with. The brush that came with the kit was a bit scratchy but not as scratchy as BE brushes are. So far I would rate this kit as ok with hopes of finding a better way of using these colors.

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