Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Victoria Secret new vegan line


“Think Green. Live Pink” is the slogan of the new body-care line by Victoria’s Secret, Pink Body.

Just when we thought that we couldn’t love Victoria’s Secret any more than we already do—after all, it has been on our cruelty-free company list since way back in 1991—now it has gone and launched this new and completely vegan line of body-care products!

Pink Body is made up of natural, organic, 100 percent vegan ingredients. With nearly 16 different products, including body wash, lotion, sugar scrub, shave cream, lip balm, and fragrance, there is certainly something for everyone, and these products are as easy to find as going to your nearest mall. So if you are thinking of using a little of your tax refund for some pampering this year—go get this stuff!

Find a Victoria’s Secret near you.

Making lipglosses with Evereyday Mnerals blushes

You can make lip glosses out of certain blushes. Here is the confirmed safe list:
Confirmed safe:
All Smiles
Raw Sugar
Waffle Cone
Back to School
Moving Day
Walkee Talkee
Opening Day
Sandy Bottom
Mojave Camping
Pink Ribbon
Chit Chat
Theme Park
New Shoes
DVR Saturday
Homework (this one is up for debate, for most people it's safe, but there has been one instance of someone's jar saying it may contain ultramarines)
Raspberry Sherbet
Wake Up Call

here are some that I made. I took empty sample foundation jars and used this Cover Girl lip gloss in clear radiance: http://www.covergirl.com/products/product.jsp?productId=wetslicks_lipgloss Warning this is not Vegan, Cover Girl tests on animals but you can use any clear gloss you want. If you do use this lip gloss you need to rip out the rubber stopper on the top of the bottle in order to get the gloss to pour out. Kind of a pain in the butt.

Anyway, I poured about 1/5 of the bottle into 3 empty containers and mixed a tiny bit of a blush with each one:

DVR Saturday Gloss:
dvr saturday gloss

On my lips:
dvr saturday on

Raw Sugar:
raw sugar gloss

Wake Up Call:
wake up call gloss

They all give just a hint of color but lots of shine. Make sure if you make blushes into lip glosses that they are on the above safe list. Any EM product that says contains ultramarines is not safe to use on your lips so beware!

Early Eyeshadow looks by Everyday Minerals

Here is an early look that I made before I became more experienced with makeup tricks and techniques. This is simply Snowflakes eyeshadow by Everyday Minerals:

Purple - eyes closed

It is such a beautiful purple color. Being a brunette with brown eyes, I find browns, purples, blues and greens look good on me.

Snowflakes again but an all over face look. I was using Golden Winged butter foundation which isn't my actual foundation color and was too yellow on me. With this look I am wearing Wake Up Call blush which is the most beautiful red color, gives me the perfect winter flush! But it has been discontinued unfortunately.

Purple - full face

This is another older look I made using Smokey to line my upper lash line, Sunset Voyage as a base, To Do List inner corner, Thank You in crease and on lid:
thank you 1

Thank you is another discontinued color that is an absolutely beautiful red color. Looks scary in the jar, absolutely beautiful on!

About Me

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I have never blogged before but think it will be fun to blog about vegetarian/vegan finds, recipes and makeup. I am also transitioning to using all vegan bath and body products and further I am transitioning to all natural in an effort to save money and keep my skin nice and healthy and young looking as I get older. In a few months I am turning 30, and the fine lines are popping up under my eyes...so me going all natural and treating myself to that has something to do with these lines that are showing up.

I have been a vegetarian coming up on 10 years now. I went veggie because I love animals and cannot harm them. I have been vegan on and off. My biggest problem is boredom with food after awhile on a vegan diet. But I eat about 90-95% vegan and use everything vegan that iI can both around the house and in my bathroom.

I have two cats, Gizmo is going to be 2 in July and Panza is 10. I will post pics of them in the blog I am sure, so you will all get to know them. They are my babies!

I am completely addicted to Everysay minerals makeup. www.everydayminerals.com. Completely vegan line and all natural too, I highly recommend them. For an idea of my obsession, check these pics of my caboodle and my drawer set filled with makeup:

My Caboodle before I switched over to a plastic drawer set:
Full Caboodle

The top drawer of my new drawer set:
top drawer

The middle drawer which contains all of my wedding day makeup:
middle drawer

the bottom drawer whcih houses empty containers, misc makeup and my nail polishes:

You can get this plastic drawer set for $12 at target. Highly recommended. The Caboodle is also a target special and can be purchased for $25.

I will be posting a lot of my looks on this blog, probably a daily look. I will also post pics of the makeup colors whether it is in the jars or swatched on my arms.

I am going to be reviewing other makeup companies as well, I have some MAC makeup and recently ordered through E.L.F. which is supposedly all vegan but there is honey extract in a lotion. Not vegan! http://www.eyeslipsface.com/home

I am also an fitness buff. I workout 5-6 days a week, I eat healthy and I am always looking for all natural supplements or products to make me healthier. I tend to get sick a lot, I have a weak immune system so I look for anything I can do to help that out.

I deal with insomnia and anxiety. I will be posting what has worked for me with that.