Thursday, December 3, 2009

Followup reviews

So I used most of the products I ordered from Sephora today but no pics yet as I was not feeling so hot today (no sleep and a sore throat). I barely got to work this morning with makeup on so I will post initial thoughts and then post pics when I take them.

So the surprise of this order was a free sample I received. It is a Sephora face primer:$sessionid$OF0U1LU1FWDWICV0KQLQX0Q;jsessionid=OF0U1LU1FWDWICV0KQLQX0Q?id=P37619&categoryId=A47

This is a gel and a little bit goes a LONG way. I was shocked when I put this on as it made my skin so smooth and my makeup went on so nicely. My pores looked smaller and my fine lines were filled in (might I just say turning 30 is harsh....fine lines start popping up under the eyes like crazy!). My foundation looked so flawless today, I am actually considering ordering a large of this. I have enough to try this out again tomorrow, I am going to try it again but with my liquid foundation and see how that goes.

So I used Lucky Penny and Chocolate chip from this pallet today (two on the far right side):
Clinique Shadow Quad - small pic

I LOVE Lucky Penny. It is simply gorgeous, natural with a shimmery kick and probably one of my fave shadows of all time. I used Chocolate Chip in the outer corner and liked it, a tiny bit goes a long way with that color. I think it will make a gorgeous liner as well as probably matches my brows so I can use it as a brow powder. Talk about your multitasking product!

Anastasia Brow Powder sample:
Anastasia Eyebrow Powder

I used this today and wasn't too impressed. Maybe I didn't use it right because I was tired and did a half assed job...or maybe powders just aren't for me. I find brow pencils work so much better for me but I will try this again tomorrow just so I don't judge it unfairly. I used my eco tools liner brush which is way too stiff for eye use and put the powder on with that. I could tell I filled them in, but I think it wore out as the day went on. Will keep you posted on this product as I use it more. The cool thing with the sample is there are plenty of uses for each color so I will be able to adequately test this product.

These polishes are amazing!
OPI colors2

I used A True Romantic on my finger nails. I hate color on my finger nails. I sit behind a computer all day typing so I lose color quickly on my finger nails. This went on a slight pinkish tinge but mostly clear, really pretty. It is like a clear with a nice twist, not as boring as clear.
I used Metro Chic on my toe nails and it is beautiful! Two coats and it was the exact color in the jar so I am happy about that. No top coat is usually needed for these polishes and they last all week on my toes, that is how quality they are.

Now for the Orgasm blush:

NARS Orgasm blush2

I think i used the wrong brush to apply with. It came off really dark in certain spots and well I just attribute that to the crappy EDM brush I was using. I am going to use my Eco Tools powder brush tomorrow to try it out so I am sure it will go on better. But I will say that the spots that I had on my face were quite gorgeous and this blush gives a nice glow to your face. I can tell this blush and I are going to be best friends! And now that I know this I am coveting NARS Deep Throat blush as well. It is out of stock at Sephora and they sent me a free $15 to spend with them. Such a shame, I will have to order other things. :D

Now for another star that I am absolutely in love with. My Benefit Erase Paste!

Benefit Erase Paste

Wow, is this concealer SO smooth and creamy, it spreads like a dream and covers like a champ. Typically with mineral concealer I have to put it on over my foundation and I didn't think to put this on first this morning. So I went through my routine, putting on my primer, foundation, finishing powder and then concealer. When I put it on I was like whoops! This should have gone on first since it won't budge once it is on. Mineral concealers just leave their spots on your face if you put them on first. Not the case with this concealer! A tiny (and I mean tiny as in barely can see smidgen on my finger tip) will cover my under eye circles and the two spots I have broken capillaries at. This product will last for months at least, if not a year. Well worth the money. Fair matches me perfectly and I wouldn't say I am all that fair. I have heavy yellow undertones and would consider myself light to medium being more on the light side. So this is definitely not a true fair product for all of you really white gals out there.

So far I am extremely happy with my order. And since I have a free $15 to spend with Sephora I am now contemplating what to try. So many products, so little face space.

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