Monday, December 7, 2009

December Clinique order

So Clinique was having a 10 days of Christmas giveaway where each day you got new freebies when you placed an order. The first day had the best items up for offer so I had to quickly get an order in. I think this is still going on:

So anyway I got my order today and so far I am happy with everything. First pic is the cute free bag:
Clinique bag - Dec

Inside of that bag was the following:

Clinique freebies - Dec1

(no flash)
Clinique freebies - Dec

There was also a freebie mascara that I forgot to take a pic of. You can see it if you click on the 1st day on the Clinique calendar in the above link.

Here are the items I ordered along with the freebie lipstick:

Clinique lippies - flash

From left to right: Buttershine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink, Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Rhubarbie, Superfine liner for brows in soft brown and High Impact Lipstick in Plum Nude

Swatches from top to bottom: Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Rhubarbie, High Impact Lipstick in Plum Nude, Buttershine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink and Superfine liner for brows in soft brown

Clinique lippie swatches1

(no flash)
Clinique lippie swatches2

I was really interested in trying out the Vitamin C Lip Smoothie today because it has such mixed reviews on Clinque's site. Well I love this color, it is very moisturizing and lasted about 3 hours on my lips which is unheard of! I have super dry lips and typically my lips are so dry after I wear most lip colors. Not this lipstick, it didn't dry out my lips afterward! And this lip stick is really a mix of lip stick and a lip gloss. It has the pigment of a lip stick but the sheen of a lip gloss and the lasting power of a lip product I have never had before. I am super happy with this order so far, even if this lippie is the only good thing I ordered I will be happy. The reason being is I found the perfect mix of a lip stick and gloss that actually lasts on my lips and doesn't dry them out! YAY!

I do have to also mention that the Buttershine lipstick felt super smooth and moisturizing on my wrist so I have no doubts it will be great on. The eyebrow pencil also went on very smoothly and it is super fine so you can fill in your eyebrows without it looking too obvious. I plan on using both of these tomorrow so I will have an update then.

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