Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Big 3-0!

So I turned 30 on June 13th and what a fun day that was. I don't feel any different except that I have a 3 now at the front of my age, and I can officially complain when twenty somethings say they feel old. Oh and when I don't want to do something I tell my fiance I am old now, I can't do that. ;)

But it was such a fun day. My fiance Steve totally spoiled me and it was so nice. He got me some gag gifts of course (depends, reading glasses and a wheelchair cookie cake) but then I got some really nice gifts as well. Let's start with the gag gifts.

Wheelchair cookie cake:
Wheelchair cookie cake

Reading Glasses:
Old Lady Reading Glasses

Now I actually got real glasses, I had been coveting and stalking them for a year or so. Coach Lisbeth's in black...Ta-Da!
Coach Lisbeth Sunglasses

Coach Lisbeth Sunglasses on

I received a bunch of gift cards (MAC, sephora, Kohl's) and got some nice stuff. I also ordered myself a nice Urban Decay Shadow box which I LOVE!

Book of Shadows - Urban Decay

Urban Decay Goddess is in the above set, bottom left corner, and it is my most favorite liner ever! Gorgeous deep blue, really makes my brown eyes pop. Mayhem is gorgeous as a liner as well, heck the whole box is amazing. Totally a must get and limited edition so get it while you can!

My MAC Purchase. I got MAC Mocha Blush on the left, Gorgeous Gold on the right and then later I got the MAC Fix + which deserves a whole 'nother post itself.

MAC Mocha Blsh and Gorgeous Gold Shadow

Boy do I love Mocha. It is such a beautiful pink color. gorgeous gold is totally playful. the only thing I have a problem wish is the shadow fades even with a primer, so I have to reapply it halfway through the day. But it is a fun color.

Eco-Tools brushes. The mineral set and the retractable brush. Eco-Tools has some great brushes, if you haven't tried them you should!

Eco Tools Mineral & Retractable Kabuki - open

My fiance took me to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Boy do I love their food. My fiance totally rocks though, he made my day so much better, I felt like turning 30 would be dramatic but I guess it was all in my head. I feel no different really.

And my pics always get cut off, I am just not resizing everything so please disregard. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back in the Saddle!

Well, it has been a long time since I have written on this blog. A ton has happened in my life, some not so good and so I got discouraged from writing. But now I need to get back to writing and writing about what makes me happy.

So what have I been doing? Well working. Work has been difficult and strenuous. But I workout daily to combat that stress. Working out, really helps me to get past all of the stress in my life. I'm pretty sure I have suffered from some depression when it comes to some of the not so good things in my life right now, but I am past that with some positive thinking, lots of visits to a doctor to see if something was physically wrong with me (thankfully there isn't!) and just looking back at my last few months. I will have another post on what I think it wrong with me physically down the road.

I am still wearing Everyday Minerals daily, loving it, addicted fully and I just love making new looks. I spend 20 minutes a day all to myself, making myself beautiful and boy do I love it. It is almost like my meditation! So what new products do I have? I will post some pics:

Wet Sand, Soft Bronzer, New Car Smell, Swimming Pool:
blushes July2

New Car Smell, Swimming Pool, Snuggle and a sample of New Shoes:
Blushes July
Lavender Pressed and Golden Medium Pressed:
Pressed Laveder and Golden Medium1

Oh how I love Lavender Pressed! Here is an eye look with it and it is also the eye look in my profile picture:

Lavender Pressed 1

Full Face:

Full Face - Swimming Pool

Here are the products I am wearing:

Olive Golden Medium in semi-matte
Natural Reflections Golden Tan
Intensive Medium concealer under eyes, on blemishes and broken capillaries
Swimming Pool Blush
Wet Sand to highlight my face
MAC Trace Gold blush to contour my face
Lavender Pressed on my eyes.
Wet Sand to highlight my brow bone
ballet Slippers on the lid
Romance Novel on the crease
Wine Tasting as a liner top and bottom
I also put some Ballet Slippers under my eye

Such a gorgeous summer look.

After my big order I still want more Everyday Minerals. It makes me look and feel beautiful inside and out. I have more confidence when I wear it and you cannot put a price on that!