Monday, December 7, 2009

My Silk Naturals look today

I am so loving Silk Naturals. The colors are so complex even when they look like plain ole neutrals. I recently got Tailfeathers in my SN order (you can see pics of it a few posts back) and decided to try it out. The look I did was easy and a two step process, I wanted to find something that I could do quickly for those days I don't want to think about a look. So I have Tailfeathers all over my lid and in the crease, Everyday Minerals Pearl Beige on the brow bone and SN Blackheart as the liner.

SN Tailfeathers and Blackheart look

SN Tailfeathers and Blackheart look2

Tailfeathers is a gold color with a little bit of shimmer. Tomorrow I am going to try it with a darker brown in the crease and see how that is for a bit of a more complex look.

And I just placed another order with SN last night, it already shipped out! Here is what I ordered:

1 x Fete- coppery shimmer
1 x Sample Vegan Tempt Tryst
1 x Sonic- light golden copper- MAC Vanilla clone
1 x Smooth and Full- Black Label Lip Treatment
1 x Eye Lash Conditioning Gel
1 x Sample Vegan Date Bait
1 x Brown Sugar & Vanilla Lip Scrub
1 x Chills -pale shimmery pink

I picked Sprite as my free shadow since my order was over $30. I should have this on Wednesday, so exciting!


  1. Oh I just discovered Fete on the site today. I was looking for a color that resembled a fyrinnae color (I don't like to order from a bunch of different places prefer one big package :) I will have to bookmark this blog and hope you show us how it looks on.

  2. Hi Rebekah, I have yet to use Fete but when I do I will post a look for you! :)