Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Urban Decay Delux Shadow Box

I LOVE this pallet! All of the colors are easy to use and the best part is none of the shadows have chunky glitter in them. I hate those shadows that Urban Decay makes with the chunky glitter, I spend days getting it off of my face. And I spend the day looking like a disco ball. But here is the pallet. My fave color in the pallet is underground but many others come in a close second. Here is a look today I made with Fishnet on the lid, Ransom over it, Zero in the outer corner and Scratch in the crease. I also lined with Urban Decay's Rockstar liner on the top and on the waterline. I used mascara on the top and bottom lashes as well, Clinique High Impact mascara.

Fishnet-Ransom Look1

Fishnet-Ransom Look2

Fishnet-Ransom Look3

I find the best way to apply Urban Decay shadows for me is with my finger. They blend out much easier that way then using a brush. And I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly for a primer. Love that primer.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ahhhh the holidays

How they always take us away from routine and make our lives crazy! That and the worst January in a long time was bestowed upon my husband and I. But we toasted to the end of January on the 31st and we are pretending that 2010 started on Feb 1st. So things are looking up. Anyway, this blog has been neglected, but trust me ladies I have purchased lots of makeup and have lots to talk about. Here is a quick look I made with the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II:

UD Mayhame look

UD Mayhame look3

I used Misdemeanor on the lid, Sell Out in the crease and Mushroom in the outer corner of the lid. I also lined with Urban Decays Gunmetal 24/7 liner on the top and bottom. On the bottom I put Misdemeanor over it for a smokey look. It was very different then what I usually wear but I liked it.

Oh and ladies I got a new do! My hair was about 5 inches longer then thing, hung on my head like it was limp and well I hated it. Now I love my hair! Check it out:



Well I have lots to talk about but I will save it for future posts. Ta-ta for now!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Silk Naturals look today

I am so loving Silk Naturals. The colors are so complex even when they look like plain ole neutrals. I recently got Tailfeathers in my SN order (you can see pics of it a few posts back) and decided to try it out. The look I did was easy and a two step process, I wanted to find something that I could do quickly for those days I don't want to think about a look. So I have Tailfeathers all over my lid and in the crease, Everyday Minerals Pearl Beige on the brow bone and SN Blackheart as the liner.

SN Tailfeathers and Blackheart look

SN Tailfeathers and Blackheart look2

Tailfeathers is a gold color with a little bit of shimmer. Tomorrow I am going to try it with a darker brown in the crease and see how that is for a bit of a more complex look.

And I just placed another order with SN last night, it already shipped out! Here is what I ordered:

1 x Fete- coppery shimmer
1 x Sample Vegan Tempt Tryst
1 x Sonic- light golden copper- MAC Vanilla clone
1 x Smooth and Full- Black Label Lip Treatment
1 x Eye Lash Conditioning Gel
1 x Sample Vegan Date Bait
1 x Brown Sugar & Vanilla Lip Scrub
1 x Chills -pale shimmery pink

I picked Sprite as my free shadow since my order was over $30. I should have this on Wednesday, so exciting!

December Clinique order

So Clinique was having a 10 days of Christmas giveaway where each day you got new freebies when you placed an order. The first day had the best items up for offer so I had to quickly get an order in. I think this is still going on: http://www.clinique.com/cms/landing/10days.tmpl

So anyway I got my order today and so far I am happy with everything. First pic is the cute free bag:
Clinique bag - Dec

Inside of that bag was the following:

Clinique freebies - Dec1

(no flash)
Clinique freebies - Dec

There was also a freebie mascara that I forgot to take a pic of. You can see it if you click on the 1st day on the Clinique calendar in the above link.

Here are the items I ordered along with the freebie lipstick:

Clinique lippies - flash

From left to right: Buttershine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink, Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Rhubarbie, Superfine liner for brows in soft brown and High Impact Lipstick in Plum Nude

Swatches from top to bottom: Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Rhubarbie, High Impact Lipstick in Plum Nude, Buttershine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink and Superfine liner for brows in soft brown

Clinique lippie swatches1

(no flash)
Clinique lippie swatches2

I was really interested in trying out the Vitamin C Lip Smoothie today because it has such mixed reviews on Clinque's site. Well I love this color, it is very moisturizing and lasted about 3 hours on my lips which is unheard of! I have super dry lips and typically my lips are so dry after I wear most lip colors. Not this lipstick, it didn't dry out my lips afterward! And this lip stick is really a mix of lip stick and a lip gloss. It has the pigment of a lip stick but the sheen of a lip gloss and the lasting power of a lip product I have never had before. I am super happy with this order so far, even if this lippie is the only good thing I ordered I will be happy. The reason being is I found the perfect mix of a lip stick and gloss that actually lasts on my lips and doesn't dry them out! YAY!

I do have to also mention that the Buttershine lipstick felt super smooth and moisturizing on my wrist so I have no doubts it will be great on. The eyebrow pencil also went on very smoothly and it is super fine so you can fill in your eyebrows without it looking too obvious. I plan on using both of these tomorrow so I will have an update then.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silk Naturals Rocker Look

So I used the Silk Naturals BE Rocker Clone kit today and I am a bit up in the air about it. I plan on going to Sephora and checking out the BE 1980's eye color to see if it is close to the SN Slick color. I watched a few vids of looks people made with this kit and I had a hard time making mine look anything like theirs because I don't think the color is the same. But anyway, here is the look I made:

Slick all over the lid. Rebel in the outer corner and Blackheart lined all the way around my eye.

Natural Light
SN Rocker4

SN Rocker1

I can never take really good pics, I need to figure my camera out for better pics. But I am going to keep experimenting and seeing what I can do with these colors. They are all gorgeous although I had a hard time using Rebel. It would spread and just look dirty on me rather then smokey. Slick is a good neutral color to go with anything and Blackheart is nice but a little difficult to work with. The brush that came with the kit was a bit scratchy but not as scratchy as BE brushes are. So far I would rate this kit as ok with hopes of finding a better way of using these colors.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Silk Naturals order

Here is my new Silk Naturals (SN) items, they are so lovely. For those of you that are not familiar with Silk Naturals you can find the site here: http://www.silknaturals.com/creb/
and they have a forum as well: http://www.silknaturals.com/forum/index.php
They have amazing products (complex shadows, wonderful lip glosses and lip sticks and I hear their foundation is amazing) and they have amazing bonuses for their customers as well! For every dollar you spend you earn a point. At 100 points you earn a $5 credit towards an order. For every $10 and over order you get a free limited edition shadow. Now that is generous! But it gets even better, for every $30 you spend in a single order you get a free full sized shadow, your choice or they can surprise you! So if you spend $60 in an order, you can pick two free shadows and the limited edition shadow and 60 points! Karen, the owner of SN, is very involved with her customers. She answers questions on her forums, she has games on her blog, she dupes her customers favorite products if they send her a bit of it and she started a new raffle! Each order has a raffle ticket in it where you can win more prizes. I feel like SN was once what Everyday Minerals (EDM) used to be, but 10 times better because their products are so unique and not some mix of each other. And there is no fake feeling like I used to get by EDM. Anyway, on to the pictures!

I ordered the dupe that SN has of the Bare Escentuals Rocker kit that I coveted for so long and I am quite impressed. As my freebie I got Tailfeather which is just simply gorgeous. Here is a pic with the names shown:

SN BE Rocker Kit clone - front

Here is pic with the colors in the exact same place, just flipped upside down:
SN BE Rocker Kit clone - jars

Tailfeathers (the freebie):
SN Tailfeather - lid

Upside down Tailfeathers:
SN Tailfeather - back

Left to right: Tailfeather, Blackheart, Rebel, Slick:
SN BE rocker swatches1

Top to Bottom: Slick, Rebel, Blackheart, Tailfeather:
SN BE rocker swatches2

Entire order with the raffle ticket:
SN BE rocker kit order

I am going to wear this kit tomorrow and will take pics.

I have yet to be disappointed in a SN items. I will have more SN posts to come with the lip products I have, other shadows and samples I have and some of their skin care items. The Vitamin C serum is so nice! So is the Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating Serum. I want to try more of their skin care and their nice chap sticks that they just came out with for the holidays.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Followup reviews

So I used most of the products I ordered from Sephora today but no pics yet as I was not feeling so hot today (no sleep and a sore throat). I barely got to work this morning with makeup on so I will post initial thoughts and then post pics when I take them.

So the surprise of this order was a free sample I received. It is a Sephora face primer:

This is a gel and a little bit goes a LONG way. I was shocked when I put this on as it made my skin so smooth and my makeup went on so nicely. My pores looked smaller and my fine lines were filled in (might I just say turning 30 is harsh....fine lines start popping up under the eyes like crazy!). My foundation looked so flawless today, I am actually considering ordering a large of this. I have enough to try this out again tomorrow, I am going to try it again but with my liquid foundation and see how that goes.

So I used Lucky Penny and Chocolate chip from this pallet today (two on the far right side):
Clinique Shadow Quad - small pic

I LOVE Lucky Penny. It is simply gorgeous, natural with a shimmery kick and probably one of my fave shadows of all time. I used Chocolate Chip in the outer corner and liked it, a tiny bit goes a long way with that color. I think it will make a gorgeous liner as well as probably matches my brows so I can use it as a brow powder. Talk about your multitasking product!

Anastasia Brow Powder sample:
Anastasia Eyebrow Powder

I used this today and wasn't too impressed. Maybe I didn't use it right because I was tired and did a half assed job...or maybe powders just aren't for me. I find brow pencils work so much better for me but I will try this again tomorrow just so I don't judge it unfairly. I used my eco tools liner brush which is way too stiff for eye use and put the powder on with that. I could tell I filled them in, but I think it wore out as the day went on. Will keep you posted on this product as I use it more. The cool thing with the sample is there are plenty of uses for each color so I will be able to adequately test this product.

These polishes are amazing!
OPI colors2

I used A True Romantic on my finger nails. I hate color on my finger nails. I sit behind a computer all day typing so I lose color quickly on my finger nails. This went on a slight pinkish tinge but mostly clear, really pretty. It is like a clear with a nice twist, not as boring as clear.
I used Metro Chic on my toe nails and it is beautiful! Two coats and it was the exact color in the jar so I am happy about that. No top coat is usually needed for these polishes and they last all week on my toes, that is how quality they are.

Now for the Orgasm blush:

NARS Orgasm blush2

I think i used the wrong brush to apply with. It came off really dark in certain spots and well I just attribute that to the crappy EDM brush I was using. I am going to use my Eco Tools powder brush tomorrow to try it out so I am sure it will go on better. But I will say that the spots that I had on my face were quite gorgeous and this blush gives a nice glow to your face. I can tell this blush and I are going to be best friends! And now that I know this I am coveting NARS Deep Throat blush as well. It is out of stock at Sephora and they sent me a free $15 to spend with them. Such a shame, I will have to order other things. :D

Now for another star that I am absolutely in love with. My Benefit Erase Paste!

Benefit Erase Paste

Wow, is this concealer SO smooth and creamy, it spreads like a dream and covers like a champ. Typically with mineral concealer I have to put it on over my foundation and I didn't think to put this on first this morning. So I went through my routine, putting on my primer, foundation, finishing powder and then concealer. When I put it on I was like whoops! This should have gone on first since it won't budge once it is on. Mineral concealers just leave their spots on your face if you put them on first. Not the case with this concealer! A tiny (and I mean tiny as in barely can see smidgen on my finger tip) will cover my under eye circles and the two spots I have broken capillaries at. This product will last for months at least, if not a year. Well worth the money. Fair matches me perfectly and I wouldn't say I am all that fair. I have heavy yellow undertones and would consider myself light to medium being more on the light side. So this is definitely not a true fair product for all of you really white gals out there.

So far I am extremely happy with my order. And since I have a free $15 to spend with Sephora I am now contemplating what to try. So many products, so little face space.