Friday, December 4, 2009

My Silk Naturals order

Here is my new Silk Naturals (SN) items, they are so lovely. For those of you that are not familiar with Silk Naturals you can find the site here:
and they have a forum as well:
They have amazing products (complex shadows, wonderful lip glosses and lip sticks and I hear their foundation is amazing) and they have amazing bonuses for their customers as well! For every dollar you spend you earn a point. At 100 points you earn a $5 credit towards an order. For every $10 and over order you get a free limited edition shadow. Now that is generous! But it gets even better, for every $30 you spend in a single order you get a free full sized shadow, your choice or they can surprise you! So if you spend $60 in an order, you can pick two free shadows and the limited edition shadow and 60 points! Karen, the owner of SN, is very involved with her customers. She answers questions on her forums, she has games on her blog, she dupes her customers favorite products if they send her a bit of it and she started a new raffle! Each order has a raffle ticket in it where you can win more prizes. I feel like SN was once what Everyday Minerals (EDM) used to be, but 10 times better because their products are so unique and not some mix of each other. And there is no fake feeling like I used to get by EDM. Anyway, on to the pictures!

I ordered the dupe that SN has of the Bare Escentuals Rocker kit that I coveted for so long and I am quite impressed. As my freebie I got Tailfeather which is just simply gorgeous. Here is a pic with the names shown:

SN BE Rocker Kit clone - front

Here is pic with the colors in the exact same place, just flipped upside down:
SN BE Rocker Kit clone - jars

Tailfeathers (the freebie):
SN Tailfeather - lid

Upside down Tailfeathers:
SN Tailfeather - back

Left to right: Tailfeather, Blackheart, Rebel, Slick:
SN BE rocker swatches1

Top to Bottom: Slick, Rebel, Blackheart, Tailfeather:
SN BE rocker swatches2

Entire order with the raffle ticket:
SN BE rocker kit order

I am going to wear this kit tomorrow and will take pics.

I have yet to be disappointed in a SN items. I will have more SN posts to come with the lip products I have, other shadows and samples I have and some of their skin care items. The Vitamin C serum is so nice! So is the Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating Serum. I want to try more of their skin care and their nice chap sticks that they just came out with for the holidays.

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